Interlibrary Loan Policy


BACKGROUND: Interlibrary loan (ILL) is the term used when a library borrows materials from or lends materials to another library. Reddick Public Library District (RPLD) recognizes its responsibility to develop collections that will meet the needs of its user community. However, given the wide range of patron interests coupled with a limited budget, it is not possible to provide all types of information to every patron. Therefore, interlibrary loan is a service offered to patrons to help meet their recreational, informational and educational needs.
As a member of the PrairieCat and ILLINET, RPLD shares its collections with other libraries in order to uphold its commitment to the ILLINET network.
RPLD subscribes to the rules set forth in the most current ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Code and National Interlibrary Loan Code as a guide to borrowing and lending items.

Interlibrary loan borrowing services are available to RPLD patrons whose library cards are in good standing.
Library responsibilities:

  • Items will be requested in a timely manner and processed upon receipt;
  • Requests will be treated ethically;
  • Patron confidentiality will be maintained at all times;
  • RPLD will adhere to all copyright laws and guidelines; and
  • RPLD will send out overdue reminders and billings if items are not returned.

Patron responsibilities:
A patron whose library card is in good standing may request no more than 50 items at one time. Patrons:

  • are responsible for all fees associated with the request;
  • must abide by the conditions of the loan as set forth by the lending library;
  • are responsible for returning items promptly or asking for a renewal; and
  • are responsible for the safe return of all items to RPLD.

Privileges will be revoked until all overdue interlibrary loan items are returned, fines paid, or bills paid.

Loan of Returnable Items:
All items in the library’s circulating collection will be shared with other libraries with consideration for the needs of local patrons. RPLD reserves the right to determine whether a particular item should or should not be provided, and whether or not the original or a copy should be sent. All loans are made free of charge.
Loan of Non-Returnable Items:
Photocopies of items in its collection are available free of charge to other libraries as condition and length permits. The Reddick Library adheres to copyright laws and guidelines.

This policy is part of the library’s overall policy structure and should be interpreted in conjunction with other existing policies.


Approved by Board of Trustees 4/10/2006; updated 10/14/2013