Security Camera Policy


Reddick Public Library District uses security cameras to enhance the safety and security of Library users, staff, and property. The security camera system is intended to complement and not replace other library security procedures. The security camera installation consists of dedicated cameras which allow for real-time surveillance through a video management system. The primary purpose of security cameras is to discourage inappropriate and illegal behavior and activities and, when necessary, to provide assistance to law enforcement in the prosecution of criminal activity, in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local law regarding the confidentiality of library records and the protection of individual privacy.

Public Notice

The Library shall post and maintain signs at public entrances giving notice of the use of security cameras for monitoring and recording activity in public areas of the Library property.

Camera Location

Cameras are positioned to monitor public areas of the Library property such as entrances, hallways, parking lots, and areas prone to activity that violates Library policy or criminal law. Under no circumstances shall cameras be located in areas where Library users and/or staff have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as restrooms.

Cameras will not be installed for the purpose of monitoring circulation activity.

Cameras will not be installed for the purpose of monitoring staff performance.

Access to Digital Images

Video data is recorded and stored digitally. Recorded data is considered confidential and secure.

Access to live feeds of images and recorded video data is limited to authorized Library staff as designated by the Library Director. Live feed activities are randomly monitored. Because the cameras will not be continuously monitored, the public and staff should take appropriate precautions for their safety and the security of their personal property. The Library is not responsible for the loss of property or personal injury.


Recordings shall be kept for no more than thirty days with the exception of appropriate still shots or selected portions of the recorded data relating to specific incidents. Storage media shall be kept in a secure area. In situation involving patron bans, stored still images may be shared with staff library-wide.

Unauthorized Access and/or Disclosure

Confidentiality and privacy issues may limit the general public from viewing the security camera footage that contains personally identifying information about Library users. All requests for disclosure of recorded images, except as stated above for law enforcement, shall be made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The FIOA officer(s) shall review the requested images and determine if the images contain any information protected by the Library Records Confidentiality Act. As permitted by Section 7(1) of the Freedom of Information Act, when a request is made to inspect or copy recorded images that are exempt from disclosure under the Library Records Confidentiality Act, and also contain some images that are not exempt, the Library shall attempt to redact the exempt images and make the remaining images available for inspection or copying.

Patron Privacy

Video surveillance records are not to be used directly or indirectly to identify the activities of individual Library patrons except as viewed in relation to a specific event or suspected criminal activity, suspected violation of Library policy or incidents where there is reasonable basis to believe a claim may be made against the Library for civil liability.

Authorized individuals may use a still shot or selected portions of recorded data to request law enforcement review for assessing the security risk of a specific individual or for investigating a crime on Library property.

Law enforcement officials or agencies may be provided access to the recorded data pursuant to a subpoena, court order or as permitted by law.

Recorded data will be accorded the same level of confidentiality and protection provided to Library users by Illinois state law and the Library’s policies.

Disclaimer of Liability

A copy of this policy will be shared with any patron or staff member upon request.

The policy is posted on the Reddick Public Library District’s official website.

The Library disclaims any liability for use of the video data in accordance with the terms of this policy, given that the Library is a public facility and the security cameras shall be limited to those areas where patrons and/or staff have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

Damages and Liability

Any individual using the Library shall be held responsible for willful or accidental damage to the Library’s building and collections caused by the individual in accordance with Reddick Public Library District’s User Conduct Policy.

Approved by Board of Trustees 9/11/2017